Welsh Enduro Series #3: Coed Llandegla

Coed Llandegla. Llandegle. Degla. What ever you call it you've probably heard of it; all weather trails with long climbs and descents filled with endless corners and switchbacks. In terms of challenging technical terrain there isn't that much at all when compared to other trail centres or the previous race at Dyfi, but what it... Continue Reading →


The Malverns Classic: ‘organised’ chaos

Last weekend I had the pleasure of racing in the Funnduro event (entry level enduro race sponsored by Funn) at the Malverns Classic mountain bike festival. We'd been pretty keen on this event for months, knowing that a lot of big names and old school pros were going to be floating about, it'd be a great chance... Continue Reading →

The London Marathon: An event of a lifetime

Monday 23rd April, 14:30. 24 hours since I crossed the finish line in London. 24 hours of post marathon drunkenness and forgivable sluggishness at work. 24 hours later and the event still hasn't sunken in. 24 hours since I officially became a Marathon distance runner. So I'm now a fully fledged distance runner. With only 2... Continue Reading →

Week 16: “Trust the training!”

What a strange week. The final week of the taper has been a bizarre sensation. A week of what has felt like over eating, not running enough, feeling lethargic and generally getting twitchy. What I have just described is the taper tantrum. You would think taking a few weeks off to not do very much... Continue Reading →

Week 15: Let the taper begin…

My final week of real training ended with a fantastic result at the Forest of Dean Spring Half Marathon. With the official time coming in as 01:53:11, I was amazed to come in 7 minutes under my goal time of 2 hours and a whole 15 minutes faster than my previous Personal Best. It was... Continue Reading →

Weeks 13 & 14: Every cloud…

Training plans. Schedules. Diets. All these things we impose on ourselves to ensure success. What we cannot plan for, and what we try to avoid at all costs, is illness. Training and continuously pushing your body takes its toll; on your body, your mind, your energy levels and your health. Over training is something that... Continue Reading →

Week 12: Finding the limits

To train for long distance events, the only real way to succeed is to constantly and consistently push your limits. Each time you feel like you can't give any more, just try and do just that. Every run I did this week was out of my comfort zone. Even the 'easy runs' weren't easy. The... Continue Reading →

Week 11: Turning Tides

What an exciting week. I had entered my first "easy" week in preparation for my first Half Marathon Race of the season. My runs were barely 40 minutes long, the pace was easy and it was often difficult to resist the urge to just push myself a little more in terms of training. As the... Continue Reading →

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