Week 10: Rock Bottom

The winter blues had really kicked in this week; I was frustrated with the cold, I was annoyed at the wet, and I was angry that the snow wouldn't go away. Running was a real effort as by the time I was getting back from work, my runs through the woods along snow covered trails were... Continue Reading →


Week 9: Happy Feet

Feet. Those strange little things at the bottom of our legs that from the moment we learn to walk get abused on a daily basis. My feet, in particular, have suffered a lot. From blisters caused by ill fitting boots, crush injuries from horses, fractures from slipping, bruised heels from falling and lost nails claimed by the... Continue Reading →

Week 7 & 8: Let’s get uncomfortable…

The thing about training and making yourself stronger is that you soon realise you are having to constantly up your game. Increasing weight, running further, running faster, pushing harder. Nothing ever gets easier, you’re just having to do more to get any feedback from your body. This sounds like a bad thing, but it’s far... Continue Reading →

Week 6: You ARE what you eat.

You would think it was common sense but when it comes to general health, diet and exercise, you (and your physical achievements) really are dependent on what you eat. I am in no way a nutritionist, but over the last few years of upping the physical strains and challenges that I put my body through, I have... Continue Reading →

Week 5: The only way is up…

Trial and error, training plan adjustments and remaining flexible in expectations. This week was pretty intense in terms of self-discovery and getting to know my body (again). Last week I had been advised to get myself assessed by a physiotherapist in an attempt to discover the potential cause of my knee troubles. I had experienced... Continue Reading →

Week Four: Ice, ice, baby….

ITBS, or Iliotibial Band Syndrome, is my arch enemy, my bane, my curse. It first popped up in 2017 during my training efforts, it then proceeded to ruin my Half Marathon attempt last summer whilst running up Pen-y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons, and it has consistently popped up every now and then ever since. It starts as... Continue Reading →

Week Two: Room to Stretch

Routine. Habit. Lifestyle. This is what running has to be for it to work when long distance is concerned. This week saw me turning my training runs into an evening habit. I had attempted to run in the mornings before work, but soon discovered that peeling myself out of bed on a cold morning was... Continue Reading →

Week One: Fresh Starts

  It's 5am, Tuesday 2nd January and I'm staring into darkness. My alarm has just buzzed and now I'm lying in bed, brimming with apprehension about what I've set myself up for. I've never run a marathon before, and last time I ran a half marathon my left knee suffered terrible ITB pains. Remembering that... Continue Reading →

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