What’s this all about?


Here at ‘Less Adult ~ More Adventure’ there’s only one thing that I really want to portray, and that’s the innate ability in everyone to kick back and have fun.

I have been fortunate to have always had an ‘adventurous’ outlook on life, whether that’s through sports, travelling, challenges or work. My ‘Life CV’ could be described as somewhat colourful, but that’s because I’m a firm believer in pushing personal boundaries. After all, it’s easy to be comfortable with what you have; the challenge comes from wanting to see how much you’ve really got to give.

This blog is written to inspire, inform and incentivise people of all ages and creeds to get out there; see more, do more, be more! On these pages you’ll find topics about cycling, travelling, lifestyle/ethos and maybe more as time goes on, but for now its easy to simply write about the things I love.

So please enjoy the words that I jot down on paper (or MS Word), laugh at the funny stuff and cringe at the awful.





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