Welsh Enduro Series #3: Coed Llandegla

Coed Llandegla. Llandegle. Degla. What ever you call it you've probably heard of it; all weather trails with long climbs and descents filled with endless corners and switchbacks. In terms of challenging technical terrain there isn't that much at all when compared to other trail centres or the previous race at Dyfi, but what it... Continue Reading →


The Malverns Classic: ‘organised’ chaos

Last weekend I had the pleasure of racing in the Funnduro event (entry level enduro race sponsored by Funn) at the Malverns Classic mountain bike festival. We'd been pretty keen on this event for months, knowing that a lot of big names and old school pros were going to be floating about, it'd be a great chance... Continue Reading →

Week 7 & 8: Let’s get uncomfortable…

The thing about training and making yourself stronger is that you soon realise you are having to constantly up your game. Increasing weight, running further, running faster, pushing harder. Nothing ever gets easier, you’re just having to do more to get any feedback from your body. This sounds like a bad thing, but it’s far... Continue Reading →

Week 6: You ARE what you eat.

You would think it was common sense but when it comes to general health, diet and exercise, you (and your physical achievements) really are dependent on what you eat. I am in no way a nutritionist, but over the last few years of upping the physical strains and challenges that I put my body through, I have... Continue Reading →

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